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The Forgotten Queen

The Forgotten Queen is a Dragonian Series Short Story of about 30 000 words. It's about King Louie and his true love, Guinevere, the swallow Annex that he fell in love with in a time that it was forbidden for humans to love dragons, and in a time where humans had no idea that dragons owned a human form. Blake and Elena only changed that afterwards when they accidently stepped into William Malone's time when he killed Quitto.
This is their forbidden love story, the story hasn't been finally edited, so if you find a few grammer mistakes, it will be fixed shortly.
Hope you enjoy it.

The Forgotten Queen - Sample read



“Gwen, make haste now Darling!” Mother called from the dining room as Annabeth was still tying the laces of my corset.
I hated these damn tea parties that mother loved to attend.
Although I loved my mother dearly, she was going to regret it one day.
Hiding our true nature wasn’t easy. If king Alexander or his queen discovered what we were hiding underneath our human resemblance, he will send us to the gallows, or worse, to his dungeons to get tortured.
“Deep breathes now, milady.” Anabeth pulled even tighter on the corset. It felt as if one of my ribs were going to break.
But she finally fasten the laces.
“Guinevere, Elizabeth, Horsted.” Mother barged into the room. She looked at me from head to toe. “You are not even nearly ready. If I’m going to be late for the queen’s high tea young lady.”
“Sorry Momma, I can hardly breathe in this damn thing.”
“Your language. Ladies do not speak like that.”
I rolled my eyes as she wasn’t looking.
I was far from a lady. I was a dragon. A roaring, dragon. If I could breathe fire, I would, but no. I could only heal.
Being a dragon wasn’t a good thing. And what mamma and pappa were doing was seriously playing on death’s front porch. If the royals were going to discover what we are, I couldn't even think about it. I didn’t want to and yet, when it was time for one of the queen’s functions, it was all I could think about.
Anabeth helped me with my dress, tying up the laces so fast when it fell softly over my shoulders.
She used dragon magic to tie up my hair when mother wasn’t looking and I slipped into my satin shoes a few moments later.
I hated these layers and layers of clothes and just wanted to feel the sun on my scales, the wind beneath my wings.
Mother always said my kind loved the skies, the speed, and if I wasn’t going to be careful, it will be the death of me too.
Hunters were always around.
Charles, the crown prince, tried to shoot me down twice now.
Mother had no idea that it was me, she would kill me herself if that knowledge would reach those frilly ears of hers.
I walked out of my room where father and mother was waiting for me.
Father was a respectable man among the humans but his ways were hard.
He had to keep our true forms hidden and what he forced on the dragons that didn’t hide their form was appalling.
The way he helped the king to chase them out of their hiding spots, to track them wonder we were banned from our colony a long time ago.
He was part of King Alexander’s royal council and I tried to visit the castle minimal.
The Crown Prince was just as cruel as his father. Always hunting, always looking for dragons to please his father in their torturing games.
His brother, Louie. I do not know him that well as he is away at boarding school. But I was sure he would be just as cruel as the rest of the Malones.
Today was one of those days, the royal high tea, that the queen arrange every fortnight, while father had to sit in with the King’s council.
They discuss hard truths and new ways how to slaughter dragons. If the humans ever discover that dragons too have a human form, I repel to think what the king and his men would do.
It wasn’t that hard to tell dragon from human. Even the humans that did hide the scales, they would never tell other dragons in their human form.
Trust wasn’t a lot of dragons strong points. We learned the hard way that our scales will never be welcomed, never been seen that we too are precious creatures created by the same one that created them. I don’t know how father could sit through those endless meetings in trying to rid Paegeia of the dragons.
“GUINEVERE!” Mother’s voice screamed again and I slipped on my shoes and ran down as fast as I could to where mother was waiting at the front door.
“Sorry, momma.” I said softly as I walked past her.
Her hand fan was working overtime, meaning that her patience were short.
Pappa’s one side of his lip curved softly. If mother caught him thinking that her scolding me was in anyway a laughing matter, he will sleep on the floor mat for the next two weeks.
Mother and father immediately discussed the afternoon events as soon as the horses galloped on the coble stone.
I sighed and watch out the window, particular to the sky, wishing that I was still part of the colony.
It was such a long time ago when ours banished us, but it felt like yesterday.
I was free in that colony, free to roam the skies and feel the wind underneath my wings.
Father always said that our kind would never be free. Not with the king’s curse that will be passed on to his son, Charles.
I shudder every single time his name was mentioned.
The way he looked at me with lust and that sadistic snide in his smile.
Rumours has it that his mistresses did not have it easy either, the way he binds them and tortures them, it was pure sadism.
But none of them ever said anything.
Pappa told me that there were at one stage rumours too that he wanted me to become his mistress, but his father said no. Thank heavens that pappa was on his council otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been the lady I’ve been today.
“Gwen,” my father spoke softly and I know what he was going to say. “Remember, keep quiet, only speak to the queen when she addresses you and always but always keep the scales away, no matter what atrocities come out of their mouths about us.”
“Yes father.”
Father has drilled it in me so many times.
I couldn’t even think what King Alexander would do if he ever discovered that father was a dragon.
It will be a betrayal of the worst kind.
The carriage pulled into huge gates of the castle.
I hated this castle and their dungeons. The cries that came out of them left me numerous times with sleepless nights and nightmares.
The carriage came to a halt. I always looked first for Charles but there was no sign of him and I climbed out after mother.
Father retreat immediately with huge strides toward the castle’s entrance while mother and I went to the garden where the entire Paegeia’s elite woman would join the queen for her high tea.
Gossip was one of the highlights in her life and her high teas were all about gossiping.
Mother hated gossip, I did too. But we had to participate to keep our secret.
“Your highness,” we both curtseyed in front of the queen and went to take a seat around one of the tables that was situated in the garden.
It was really beautiful here, but I could feel the evil emanating from the dungeon.
The queen greeted us both and then we were taken to our seats which were not a few chairs away from the queen. She was fond of my mother, especially the remedies she made. Mother wasn’t really great at remedies. She was like me. A silver dragon that has the ability to heal someone, calm someone down, or just put them asleep with one touch.
Mother always waited for her to drink the tonic before she gave her a comforting, loving squeeze to the arm or a touch, so that her healing could start.
My grandmother Delilah, used to tell me just how powerful our touches were. We would be able to heal the plague, heal wounds and scars, even heal someone that was on the brink of death.
But it would reveal our secret too, that all dragons have human bodies.
The queen’s guests chattered away, and I droan it out until it was a slight buzz, like beez polinating a garden.
I looked over my shoulder and stare at the grey walls of the castle, the foundation that the palace was build on. I tuned in and tried really hard to listen, knowing well that it was a waist of time. Deep below was where they keep dragons. Where they torture them to get whatever pleasure they wanted.
Mother pumped me hard in the side and I looked back, and down at the napkin on my lap.
She hated when I stare.
I wish I could help it, just ignore what was going on down there, but I couldn’t.
My entire being felt the presence of whatever dragon was trapped between its walls.
I was glad that the queen misinterpret my stares as fear. As many humans feared those dungeons. Feared that their walls wouldn’t be able to hold the creatures, that they would break out and ruin the queen’s affairs.
It wasn’t that. It was the evil that was done to those creatures inside their cages, to my kind.
Evil that would haunt me for the rest of my life.
When was it going to stop.

High tea was different today. The queen introduced us to Magdel Gonzales. Her family lived on the other side and she was betrothed to Charles Malone, the crown Prince. She was of royalty and belonged to the kingdom of Spain. I know that king Alexander wanted a truce with Spain for a long time, so that when Paegeia was under attack, France would help. Even though they would never be able to leave the magic wall ones they entered our wall.
Dragons were the only ones that could leave, but father refused to give up Paegeia. Even if it meant that he had to hide as a human.
I miss my dragon form.
Magdel was beautiful. She had kind eyes and I could see some fear inside of them too.
Fear of our world.
Fear of the dragons.
Half of us were harmless. Our kind are called Metallics. Many Metallic dragons have served humans for thousands of years, to better their lives, to heal the sick, it was even said that a long time ago dragons taught humans to speak and read and write.
And look where it got us.
Being slaughtered.
It was the Chromatics that king Alexander had to worry about.
Chromatics were darker than our Metallics. Their fire, acid, and lightning caused havok, they hated the humans as much as the humans hated dragons.
They were just protecting themselves and their colony.
If only the hunting could stop, they would see that a truce between humans and dragons can exist.
My eyes found Magdel’s numerous times as the queen spoke about her family as if they were commoners.
I felt bad for her and wonder if she could understand a word what the queen said.
She was beautiful too, had fair hair, which mother said was not common from where she was from. People from Spain usually have beautiful dark hair with darker complexions.
She was sure beautiful.
She seemed kind too. Maybe she would be good for Charles, then again Charles was dominant.
He would change her.
Queens need to be fierce, adamant and be able to assist their husbands in decision making.
But to the humans, that was not how it worked.
The women had no say, not even the queen.
The men finally emerged out of the castle and I could see in father’s eyes, the darkness that clouded onto him. King Alexander’s meetings were always dark and evil.
Charles came toward the high tea and his mother was smiling from ear to ear.
She couldn’t stop boasting about how many dragons he killed lately, or captured for his father and men to deal with.
I could feel his eyes on me and I looked away.
“Guinevere,” Charles spoke.
I bowed my head softly to him. “My Lord.” The smile wasn’t real, but I had to pretend to love my crown prince.
“I haven’t seen you here in such a long time.”
I felt bad for Magdel that the way he spoke was sweet on me.
I wouldn’t dare to be in his company.
“I was occupied, my sincere apologies.”
He smiled again and slowly turn his gaze to Magdel. His smile slowly disappeared.
She held her head up high and hope she wouldn’t take her wrath out on me.
He had no class. I don’t care if he was the crown prince or not.
“Oh Louie,” the queen said and I looked at her.
Her gaze was turned into the direction of her younger son who was walking toward the high tea.
He was the opposite of Charles. Was leaner and had fair hair where Charles had dark hair and dark eyes, Louie’s eyes almost seemed kind. It was blue.
“Ladies,” he greeted us all and mother smiled softly.
He sure was handsome.
“Oh what happened.”
He smiled. “Why on earth would you ask me that, mother.” He spoke kindly to her.
“Your eyes betray you, darling.”
He huffed, still a soft smile lingering in the corner of his lips.
“What is said in father’s meeting room, stays in father’s meeting room. Maybe you should sit in from time to time.” He bowed to his mother, kissed her hand softly that she was extending toward him and let it go even softer.
He was kind to his mother, nothing like Charles.
“You are a wuss.” Charles teased him.
“If you want to call it that, brother, so be it. I just don’t see the fun in torturing something that can’t even defend itself.” He mumbled and walked away after he greeted us all.
I looked at mother. A royal that doesn’t have the love or lust for killing dragons.
There was hope after all.
“You will spin another story if they burn you to a crisp.” Charles yelled after them.
“Come now darling, let him be.”
“What is that school teaching him. Next he will discover a love for the beasts.” Charles hissed. “Mark my words, it’s only a matter of time before their rise up and burn this whole world to ashes.”
He walked away.
No one dare to ask the queen about her youngest son. Any sign of curiosity when it comes to our breed would be seen as treason, but I had to admit. Admiration for the younger prince was one of the things that I felt.
I doubt his father would see it as betrayal. Maybe there was hope after all.


I hated being back. I hate the palace, hate what father was becoming. He was starting to lose it with the dragons.
Sure they were nothing to reason with but to torture them like that, for what reason? It didn’t make any sense and by the looks of it, he put that same hatred into Charles.
What happened to Charles?
When we were young, he wasn’t like that. He was adventurous, kind, even humorous. Now he was an idiot. Couldn’t wait to please father to show him what a great king he would be one day.
He wanted it so badly.
One of my tutors asked me if I had any jealousy of my brother’s heritage and I laughed out loud. It was the funniest thing, but I was the only one laughing.
It was one of the things I never ever wanted.
Sure he got more attention from father as he needed to learn how to run a kingdom, that was not easy, but as I grew older, I started to see things around me that none of them wanted to see.
I had my freedom.
I could marry anyone I wanted, as long as she was nobility.
Charles was forced to marry one of the royal princesses that came from the other side.
She was nice and kind and Charles had no idea what an idiot he was with treating her the way he had since she got here.
She was great queen material, but all Charles was seeing was that her beauty didn’t match his.
He was so vain.
No, he had his heart set on someone else and he begged father for a long time to change his mind.
She was at the high tea today. Saw a glimpse of his Guinevere, but she wasn’t that interested in him as he made it out to be. To be honest, it seemed that if she loathed him a little.
She was beautiful, with her long blonde curls. Her tall slender figure and big soft blue eyes.
My mother wasn’t kidding when she asked me what was wrong today. My eyes were a dead giveaway.
They changed with my mood and weather.
On rainy days it would become grey, when it snows, bright blue and when it was summer and spring, green as the grass. When I was happy it would be green too and upset, really upset, bright blue.
They had every reason to be bright blue. The meeting was appalling. The things that came out of father’s mouth pure cruelty.
Paegeia wasn’t just the human’s world. It belonged to all the creatures of it.
It was why the wall was erected, enhanced with magic to keep the inhabitants save. What happened to those days.
Father already got rid of the magic, now he wants to get rid of the dragons too.
I was in the confinement of my room staring down at mother’s high tea.
I watch how the ladies were chasing a pot belly pig. Mother has wrapped a ruby around its neck.
Her entertainment for the afternoon.
My eyes darted to one of the girls, Guinevere, who wasn’t participating in mother’s little game. She was speaking to Magdel.
She really was beautiful to look at, and kind too or that is what it looks like from the window.
I couldn’t stop staring at her.
It was as if she was magic herself. Maybe there was a reason for me to come home often. If I could speak to her, discover who she truly was, she could become the reason that made this palace not as dark as it feels.

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