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Darkbeam III (Coming Soon)

Darkbeam Part III is currently at the editors. I try not to give estimation dates as it is up to the editors the type of work that still has to go into making the book perfect.

It's by far the biggest book I've written, with more than 700 pages and sure you would love to see how he finally gave in, what really happened during his impasse stage, and what that kiss meant to the bad boy/alpha of all the dragons.

Hopefully to come in 2019

Darkbeam Part IV

My current WIP. Finishing off his novels is not easy. I absolutely have a very dark relationship with Blake Leaf and trying to bring him to life for you all to enjoy, is not an easy task as he is such a complicated character. But I enjoyed our time spending together and find it very hard to know that this journey is also coming to an end.

Expected publishing date is 2020. I wish I could suprise everyone with a quick release, but that is not in me or in the editors who just fell in love with the Alpha of the dragons, they way I had.

Thank you for your patience. Hope it will be worth the wait.

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