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It doesn't matter who you think you are…falling in love with the wrong person can have dire consequences.

They say love conquers all, but in the paranormal worlds of these twelve USA Today and international bestselling authors, falling in love means playing with fire…

Someone's about to get burned.

Dig into hours of forbidden love, lust, and heat as these heroes and heroines long for their beloveds, break taboos, and fight for the ones they never should have chosen—but could never resist. This boxed set is bursting at the seams with romance grounded in all things magical—from dragons and sexy shapeshifters, to angels, warlocks, and uninhibited masters. We have something to strike everyone's fancy. There are 1000s of sizzling pages full of forbidden love and the trials these gorgeous paramours face to fulfill their deepest desires.

Authors in the Playing with Fire set include:

Adrienne Woods – USA Today bestselling author
Carlyle Labuschagne – USA Today bestselling author
Kristin Ping – USA Today bestselling author
Ashlee Nicole Bye
Toni Cox
Carissa Andrews
Kathrin Hutson
Kat Stiles
Majanka Verstraete
Kat Parrish
Karen M. Bryson
Monique Singleton

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The Forgotten Queen is a 30k word novel in the Playing with Fire Boxset. It's a FORBIDDEN LOVE story between Albert's Dad, King Louie and his first love, Guinevere.

It's a story that took place in  a time where humans and dragons did not mix, and the world of Paegeia was ruled by Alexander Malone with an Iron fist.
It's definitely a part of Paegeia's history that you would want to read.
Starbeam is one of the novels to read before the Forgotten Queen.

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