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Beta Reading Program now running!


It’s exactly what the title has said. I’ve been getting a lot of feedback lately about my edits and decided to put my books into a beta reading program, reaching out to my readers, that come to love all my stories, first.

So if you are interested to become a beta reader, it’s only a click away. You only need a FREE STORYORIGINAPP account.

I would love eyes on these books below. If interested, just click on the link. I know the time frame to work through the sections are something like 10 days. It’s only five chapters at a time, so not a lot.

Just click on the title of the books you would like to help me improve.

Thank you so much.

I really appreciate it.

I will add Dragon’s Den and and the Shadowed Series as soon as we are ready to go with those.


Once Upon a Dragon Wish

Once Upon a Dragon Heart

One Upon a Dragon Soul


Dragon Blood

Darkbeam Part III

Darkbeam Part IV

Darkbeam Part V


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