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Dream Caster Millieu

Dream Casters Millieu is finally on pre-order and set for release in May 2020
It’s the final part in the Dream Casters Series and will follow Chastity Blake to the conclusion of where she belongs and why she is so different.


Darkbeam III 

Darkbeam III is finally on Pre-Order and set to release in June 2020.
It’s the the III part in Blake Leaf’s series but not the final.
It’s Moonbreeze told in his P.O.V

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Blake Leaf is experiencing all sorts of new feelings after the Dent, and because of his past, the princess of Paegeia isn’t making it easy to trust him.

Only time and breaking through her layers will show her that he has changed. Then maybe their bond will heal and they will be find the missing ingredient in order to kill the Saadedine and free the people of Etan.

Now all he can do is to hope and pray that his secrets and past isn’t going to come back and mess up his his progress.

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Available now!
Darkbeam Part II, read by AWARD WINNING NARRATOR Kevin T. Collins has done it again becoming the voice of Blake Leaf, the Rubicon. He has outdone his performance and turned the audio in such an amazing journey for all listerners to enjoy.
Haven’t got your copy yet, go grab it now!