Darkbeam V pre-Order Goodies for the 15th of February

I’m doing another post for my pre-order Darkbeam V and also tell you how you can get this baby with all my future releases absolutely free.

But first. The goodies I build around this month for the pre-order has been sent on the 15th of February. The character cards are coming out so beautiful and next month I’m finally starting with Blake and Elena’s human forms character cards. I think I will be able to do a George and A becky too. Let’s hold thumbs. (it all depends on how many dragons are left) 

Above is the next set of character cards and if you pre-ordered/reserved your pre-order copy via my store, you will be able to collect all nine of these babies now.

There are two formats.

JPG – for the image, and PDF if you want to print on a hard box for an actual character card. These cards is not for sale. It’s a perk that you are receiving only when you pre-order/reserve my books via my online store.

The other way to collect them, and not just the character cards but other extra goodies too is if you are part of my Patreon. I am building all sorts of goodies on a monthly basis. The character cards is part of it, and you can get free access to them if you become on of my supporters.

That way we can also take things further, to the next level which I’m so excited about.

Also this month I shared with you guys some chapters of a future book that is going to come out. The Patreons got this too, but an extra goody is on it’s way for this week Patrons, so watch out for that.

I’m starting to try all sorts of new things to grow, and I know that some of my readers are not happy about it, but know that you will be included in all of them at a later stage. You will get access to new novels either via online stores or via my store. I’m pushing my store like crazy for one reason, it’s my store. Authors are proud of anything that they are creating and my store is one of them. So please try my store out, see how easy it is to grab a book, even if it’s a freebie, and there is always a 15%.

If you want to support me on Patreon, just click the image below. I promise you won’t regret it. The goodies are build on a weekly basis and I always try to get new content to my patrons. Content that isn’t out there yet.


I hope you like reserving your pre-orders with the goodies that you receive. If you know that you reserved a copy and haven’t received the goodies on the 15th, then please, let me know asap via my contact page so we can find out what went wrong?

Till next time,