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Grammar Tips and Tools

A dynamic, informative, and fun look at writing, grammar, and word usage.

This book covers parts of speech, verb tense, plurals, punctuation, commonly misused words, and interesting facets of the language, plus a special chapter with valuable advice to help improve your writing.

Communication is important, and effectiveness and clarity is imperative. English can be tricky, and there are many words that sound the same or similar but mean very different things or are even different parts of speech. This book can help clear up some of these common errors while making learning fun, which is invaluable for effective and clear writing.

With explanations of the meaning of words and how words are used, including many examples, this book offers an easy-to-understand explanation of grammar and proper use of words. Also contained here are interesting tidbits which explore fascinating facts and features of the language.

Good for all ages and level of expertise, this book helps to develop a love of learning and an increased appreciation of the English language.

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