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Hidden Gems: What Everyone Should Know about Grammar and Style

It feels as if I’m devouring all the books on English language and how to grammar and style correctly. In the past few months (almost 12, not few) I’ve read quite a few. I already have favorites too, and not so favorite ones.

The Blue Book of Gramma and Grammar for Fiction Writers are by far my favorite of the lot, but I have to admit, this beauty sure taught me a lot too.

If you like to spice up your English grammar rules and style, then this book is definitely one that should go into your TBR pile. I really enjoyed this one.


In this accessible guide to grammar, award-winning academic writer Mary Carbone provides a new method for anyone to learn writing and communication skills. With authority and wit, she provides a book that delivers easy rules for remembering grammar, an accessible approach to writing mechanics, and a funny manual for writing style all in one.

Based on her intensive historical research into rhetorical rules and grammar, Carbone has devised a five C method promoting clearness, correctness, conciseness, courtesy, and criticalthinking to produce the most forceful and effective writing for any situation. Beginning with a thorough but clear explanation of grammar rules, which includes a helpful glossary of parts of speech, she progresses to a section on style for everything from business emails to research papers. Every unit is reinforced with practical exercises and a concise summary.

Meant for students, teachers, parents, home schoolers, and the business community, this bookcan help everyone become a better writer, thinker, and collaborator.

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