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Teaser Tuesday: You Are Some Piece Of Work.

  Nonfiction / Self Help   Date Published: January 25, 2022 At his father’s deathbed, Robert Hamady came to the realization that we don’t really control our actions, even though we may live with the absolute certainty that we do. In two parts, Hamady breaks

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Today on Hidden Gems.

So for this month, it’s not reviews but it’s more books on promotions. I’m doing this at least once a month as I love to collaborate with other authors writing in my genre, and there are a couple of dragon stories in this one. We

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Writing Tip: More Grammar Books

I’m creating this post together, it’s on more grammar books that I think authors can look into.   They were so helpful, and I cannot put enough emphasis on how important these books are for authors. I’m going every day through mine little by little

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Writing Tip: Show Don’t Tell by Sandra Gerth

  So lately I’ve been taking some time to learn more and to become a stronger writer. Show Don’t Tell is one of the books that I’ve read. I loved this one, and recommend it for every author that struggles with Show vs Telling.  

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