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What happens after she is woken by his kiss?

Lady Adelina Halifax has never been kissed, which honestly is the second worst thing that can happen to a young lady. Apart from being left at the altar, of course. And publicly losing her reputation. Adelina might just have ruined her first Season, earning the reputation of a fast and spoiled debutante, and ending up being jilted by her own bridegroom. But before she can accept the hated fate of a spinster she is determined to do one thing right: She will be kissed before the Season ends. But by whom? Enter Lord Burns. Golden-haired. Rich. Loyal. Kind. A war hero. Has the face and stature of Apollo. Is desperately in love with Adelina. There is just one problem: She hates the very sight of him.

But it can’t be helped. She will try to swallow her distaste of the man and his proper, gentlemanly ways that force him to always want to rescue her. He will be perfect to practice kissing with, since no one else wants to.



Do bad girls have all the fun? Guess I’m about to find out…

At Nobledark Academy, where light magic is used to keep dark magic contained, it’s good versus evil, right versus wrong. There is no in-between. Recent revelations, however, have shown me that not everything is so simple. Turns out, I’m not the daughter of the two witches who raised me. My real mother was a siren who gave her heart to a demon.

Newsflash: There’s no place for Underworlders at Nobledark. Demons and sirens use some of the darkest magic there is.

As demon spawn and the daughter of a siren, I can’t let anyone know who I really am. Is there anyone I can trust? I can’t trust the school’s biggest bully, one of the most dangerous bad boys, nor the two hottest brothers at Nobledark – even though I’m attracted to all of them. If I get too close, any one of them could find out I’m the heir to one of the siren queens. And that puts my life at risk.

The safest place for me to hide from those who want to kill the heir is under the protection of Nobledark Academy. Where I am the enemy.



Ari hasn’t been a knight in centuries, but when a bleeding woman lands on his doorstep, old habits trigger his protective side.

A turn of events shows him Ella is not a damsel in distress but a witch who can fend for herself. With a bounty hunter hot on her heels, she has a hard time finding shelter, but Ari can help.

One fateful night, Ari comes across a fatally wounded man, and he decides to turn him.

That goes against the Code of the Chimera, and it can quickly turn into a death sentence. Because no good deed goes unpunished, Ari needs Ella’s help to survive.

Will Ella cloak him from her kind before they unleash hellhounds to kill them both?





A whole new world that is anything but the expected.

Hundreds of years ago, the Godsfall war shattered the lives of mankind on Alos. On a world with many races, many faiths, the two gods of humanity perished in battle with each other. Amder, the god of Craft and Creation and Valnijz, once the god of Emotions and Thought, now a bloodthirsty mad thing. Where the gods battled and fell, a cursed valley formed, and all knew to stay away.

William Reis knows the risks, and what would happen should he be touched by the blood mist of Valnijz. But the crystalized blood of Amder can work miracles, and to fulfill a promise and a long-held goal, William will risk anything. Or at least he thinks.

Ancient powers are unleashed when William and his cousin Duncan rediscover two ancient artifacts, whether by fate or chance. Battle lines are drawn, and the cousins will be chosen, taken by opposites sides in this feud. From the dungeons of a corrupted and prideful faith to the very streets of their home city, the final act of the Godsfall war will rage across the land. The fate of humanity, and all of Alos will change…



Imprisoned by her haunting memories. The psychiatrist has crazy schemes. With no help in sight, will she discover freedom and keep her sanity?

Amanda Covington’s time in the psych ward is getting dangerous. The magical world of Tuala might be a dream…yet Amanda refuses to believe she has lost everything. Not only do alternate dimensions exist, but she also has to prove her saneness again.

With her team of magical friends, who could stand against them?

The Time of Shadows is the gripping first book in The Chosen portal fantasy series. If you like mysterious adventures, riveting self-preservation, and heart-pounding twists, then you’ll love Amy Proebstel and Bethany Hall’s supremely-crafted page-turner.





To avenge him, I decide to become a Harvester, like he was.

It’s not like I can fill out an application, however, as the Harvester Academy isn’t even supposed to exist. I’m not about to let that stop me.

I’m a street smart Liverpool lad, and when I capture a Mag right under the nose of a Harvester crew, I manage to get myself recruited anyway.

I wasn’t prepared for the ramifications of my choice. To become a Harvester recruit, I have to leave everything—and everyone—behind, including my mum and my girlfriend. There is no room for personal attachment. There is only the Academy.






Born under a prophecy to end a curse, Iski and Flare grew up surrounded by whispers of what they would become.

But children understand little of witches and curses, and care for them even less. Fleeing the village that will not let them forget their fate, Iski and Flare leave their families behind, and escape into the woods.

But they will discover just how hard it is to run from the past. And how dark the woods can be. An encounter at a strange cottage with an old woman offering sanctuary will begin the legend that is Iski Flare.

Journey with Iski Flare and discover just how dark a faery tale can be.





Vampires. Not the midlife crisis I expected.
When I finally got around to dating after my jackhole of a husband walked out on my fortieth birthday, I thought personal grooming was my biggest worry. Until I went on a date with a vampire and ended up fighting for my life.

Now I see magic—and danger—everywhere I look, and somehow I’m the one responsible for keeping everyone safe.
It’s worse than being roped into heading a PTA committee. Well…maybe.

Anyway, whatever happened to finding a teenage girl to be the Chosen One?

Still, I’ll do whatever it takes to keep the people I love safe.

I might even be willing to protect that jackhole ex. But only if I have to.

Fans of KF Breene, Shannon Mayer, and Victoria Dannan will adore this hot new midlife women’s fantasy novel!
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Don’t think. Don’t speak. And definitely don’t dream.

The Nightmares will find you.

In a drowned city on the edge of the sea lives a girl in a tower.

Cole is nobody. One more haunted drone among the grey, spiritless masses. Until her dreary future is stolen—and a quest to take revenge uncovers ghosts, betrayal, and her bloody past.

She’s about to become their worst nightmare.

Something deadly lurks beneath the waves.

Battered but defiant, Cole can’t wait to get back into the fight. But when her newly reclaimed thread-witchery fails her mid-battle, the only path forward leads through the monster-infested wilds. Can she reclaim her forgotten dreamweavers’ birthright from the mountains before they claim her?

She never even saw it coming.

In the City of Nightmares, death is far from the end.

Shattered, powerless, and more alone than ever, Cole fights on. Failure means more than her own destruction. If the city falls, its eldritch horrors will sweep across the land. But will her last-ditch grasp at the power to stop them go up in flames?

The dreamscape takes no prisoners. Neither does she.

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Ludovic Stone was the arms-bearer and right-hand of Archmage Alastor an Ulbrecht and Sorceress Lianna; protecting them throughout the years from political threats and standing by their side through the hardships they faced due to their stature.

A failed assassination attempt against Lianna prompted Alastor to act and perform a grievous ritual to tap onto the power of the Void, the dark forces beyond the universe. Has he betrayed his friends and family to gain power?

Can Lianna stop Alastor before it’s too late? Will she and Ludovic be able to save the world from the evil warlock he has become? What if it was all just a lie?






It was called the Great Awakening, when magickal kind returned to our world. They live among us now, renting apartments, laboring in the workforce, and paying taxes. Ares is a vampire and doing very well for himself in the modern world. Between teaching at the local university and assisting a paranormal investigator, things couldn’t be better. But when a woman dies mysteriously in her own home, the question isn’t who killed her, but what.

Alexandria is alone in the world. Having lived a complicated life surrounded by mystery and tragedy, she’s quickly pulled into the world of paranormal investigating. Can she walk the border between the worlds of man and magick or will she become lost to it?

Vampires. Witches. Ghosts. Demons. Fairies and Gods.

Detective Docherty and the Demon’s Tear is an all new Urban Fantasy with a Paranormal Mystery twist.




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