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Latest Release: Once Upon a Dragon Heart

I can’t believe that the second book is here. It will be exclusive to the Fire Quill store for only a limited time before it goes into Kindle Unlimited.


Elena thought the worst was over when her dragon, Blake Leaf, submitted inside the ring. Now the ancients are threatening to annul it. The snow dragon refuses to let Blake go and harasses Elena in the worst ways possible.

The Viden gives her a difficult to save her new world from destruction: save her father or dragon.

Nobody said being a princess of Paegeia is easy, and Elena discovers just how powerful those words are.

Can’t a princess get a break?


If you haven’t read the first one, you can buy it from Amazon or read it for free in Kindle Unlimited.


I’m trying to do a rapid release and we are already getting questions of when the third book, Once Upon a Dragon Soul, is going to be released. The date as yet is around July, then the fourth one, Once Upon a Dragon Bond in October. So three months apart for each one.

I hope that you guys are going to enjoy the new version, as it’s a completely new version of the Dragonian Series.


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