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Latest Releases – Once Upon a Dragon Wish


The only thing that Elena Watkins wants is a normal life. One where she doesn’t have to move every three months or to be the new student yet again at another school. She will love a friend or two as well.


But when the weird, extravagant, complex, hotness on legs, Blake Leaf enrolled a few weeks after her at Falmouth High, Elena struggles to keep the walls she builds around herself from falling.


The guy seems to only have eyes for her, and she doesn’t know why.


Until the truth reveals that he and his father are there to take her home, to a land of magic, fairytales and dragons.


Elena’s mind refuses to process her new reality and feels the need to grab a brown bag every time they mention the word dragon. To make it worse, she has to claim the Alpha of all beasts, the Rubicon, otherwise he will destroy not just her new world but the human world too, and she has to do it on her sixteenth birthday.
All she wanted was a normal life.


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