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In a future ravaged by war, a new hope rises from the ashes. One girl, with the key to ending it all.An imaginative, thrilling sci-fi/fantasy adventure! Get the story!

A fierce, cunning warlord, fighting to save his family. A beautiful, lonely telepath, struggling to discover the mysteries of her past. And an ordinary man, seeking justice for his father. Three separate lives, bound by tragedy, fate, and a common enemy—Jimmy Roko. Raiden, Alia, and Yuran race Roko to obtain the ultimate weapon, the key to surviving the perils of the ancient Nexus Mirror and ending the war—ten-year-old Sarah. Experience a futuristic Earth raging with mystical beasts and terrible demons, super-powered heroes and deadly battle-drones, ancient portals, and daring new worlds. Explore the hidden tribes of the Enlai, each with their unique abilities and cultures. Battle against Jimmy Roko’s endless army of killer robots…or die trying.

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Clean Urban Fantasy about discovering your Inner Hero with just a touch of Romance…

…Only Crazy People Believe that Magic Exists…

Living in the shadow of a small-town library in the middle of Chicago is all Evangelyn Murant has ever known.

Most of her life has been spent under the watchful, and obsessive control of her Stepbrother, Darius.
But Darius has a secret, and he’s not sharing…
Evie’s own life rests atop a house of cards built from them…

Bored and restless, she longs for a Grand Adventure. She really should be careful with her wishes…
Because seemingly overnight everything changes and nothing will ever be normal for Evangelyn Murant again.

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