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Waite on the Ripper: Jack The Ripper Is Back And Way More Deadly (The Celestial Wars Book 1)

#1 Bestseller in Paranormal and Urban Fantasy
#1 Bestseller in Superhero Fantasy
Top 10 Bestsellers in Science Fiction & Fantasy

What if I told you that Jack the Ripper is a supernatural predator whose murder spree spans centuries?

Now Jack has come to Austin, and every woman in my city is in mortal danger. I’m Harmon Waite, a homegrown private investigator. I’m supposed to stop the Ripper, but all I’ve managed to do is piss that devil off. As I go from hunter to hunted, I have one chance to survive the night.

Of course, that’s when the fallen angel shows up.

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Rose Red and the Bear: A Fairy Tale Mashup

Curses and blessings come in disguise…

All Rose wanted was to belong to a family, so when she finds her father on a DNA ancestry website, she jumps at the offer to visit his cabin. Once there, however, the only person she meets is a young man in need of her help, but she soon realizes that he is not what he seems.

Years ago, Braydon was cursed by the man who killed his father. Now he vows revenge and counts himself lucky at finding the daughter of his nemesis. Will she be his ruin or salvation?

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The Kat Drummond Collection Box-Set: An Action Urban Fantasy Series (Books 1-4 + Bonus Material)

If there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s the undead.

So, just my luck that I’ve got a ghost living rent-free inside my head…

When I was just a kid, my parents were sacrificed by a necromancer. I survived. Barely.

But, the ordeal left me hating two things – necromancers and the undead they bring into the world.

Fast forward years later and I’ve been possessed by a ghost! But, Treth of Concord isn’t just any ordinary ghost. He’s proud, chivalrous and a knight from another world.

Now, with his counsel and some cheap swords I bought on the internet, I hunt the undead of Hope City. For honour, for vengeance, and maybe just a hefty bounty.

My name is Kat Drummond, and I’m a Part-Time Monster Hunter.

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Blood at Dusk: A Dark Vampire Paranormal Romance Novel (The SoulBlood Series Book 1)

Will she forgive him of his sins, or is their bond destined to fracture before it’s even forged?


I have had little to live for since the world went to shit. My sister is dead, I’m alone and starving. Humanity is on its last leg, and to be frank, there isn’t much left to live for.

But I’m trying. I’m trying for all of those who came before me, and all those who might come after. One way or another, I’m going to survive this. And that’s what I’m doing when I go to scavenge for food, only to run into one of them.

Except this time, the vampire doesn’t want my blood. He wants something even more sacred.


This strange world has saved me, and I’ve repaid that favor by bringing more death and destruction.

My people were only trying to survive. That’s what I tell myself, but the guilt of all I have done weighs heavily on my heart.

Especially when I catch her scent. My mate; my soul’s other half. The problem is that she is human, and for the last year, that’s all I’ve had to drink. She will never forgive me for feasting on her people, even though I wasn’t in control.

Nevertheless, I will protect her, even if that means betraying my species. Nothing matters anymore. Nothing but claiming her as mine.


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