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So for this month, it’s not reviews but it’s more books on promotions. I’m doing this at least once a month as I love to collaborate with other authors writing in my genre, and there are a couple of dragon stories in this one. We all know how much you guys love dragon stories.


So have a look!


Nanda is no hero. Growing up in the heart of L.A., the powerless teen is forced to ignore the abused animals who call to her—cries for help only she can sense. Parkour is her refuge, but no amount of jumping and vaulting over obstacles can change her helpless future. Until she wakes up on a dark hillside with the past three days wiped from her memory.


Something is different. The mysterious tiger mark scorched on her shoulder? Only the beginning. Her average parkour skills have evolved. This is the new Nanda, and she can leap over rooftops like an urban ninja.


Her search for answers and lost memories unveils clues that lead to a wildlife trafficking empire. The Trade works in the shadows, smuggling the world’s most endangered animals and condemning them to life in a cage —or worse. This could be Nanda’s chance to finally answer their cries. But messing with the Trade’s cryptic leader is a deadly game, even for a super-powered teen.


And Nanda has just made herself a target.


Feral Phantom is a YA superhero novel with an element of urban fantasy, reading along the veins of James Patterson’s Maximum Ride series. If you love YA books about superpowers, this fast-paced novel by author and parkour athlete Brooke De Lira is for you.




It is a truth universally acknowledged that witches raised as mundanes are going to be very, very confused.


Until this morning, Lizzy Bennett thought the oddest thing in her life was the fact that her mother named her and all her four sisters after Jane Austen characters. Then two penguins appeared and ran amuck in her home, closely followed by the Magical Council barging in and arresting her father for keeping her and the rest of her family under a strong compulsion. Now, she and her sister Jena (her mother thought “Jane” was too plain) are being sent away to a magical college to learn how to wield their own magic–which, apparently, exists.


Finding herself in a supposedly-abandoned medieval castle on a Scottish island, Lizzy tries to adapt to life at the Academy. But that’s not so easily done when it’s discovered that she’s not only blind to magic, unlike every other witch, but also saddled with a Narrative Curse, a syndrome so rare the school has only dealt with it once before. She probably should have guessed when she met the much-too-handsome Mr. David Fitzwilliam of Pemberton, not to mention his friends Charles and Caro Bingham and her professor, Charlie Lucas. Apparently, being a romantic heroine is not for the faint of heart.


But all her other challenges are nothing to the menacing man who shows up in her dream, stealing her necklace and some of her memories, all while proclaiming that she belongs to him.


Now learning about the magical world with a seeing-magic imp on her shoulder and her friends’ and roommates’ support, she’ll have to try not to fall into a narrative trap by liking Fitz way too much, which is easier said than done. But when she and her family visit his Pemberton estate over the holidays and her sister Liddy is abducted by a mysterious man known only as GW, that darn narrative may be the least of her worries–because there’s an all-powerful, otherworldly elf king who believes he owns Lizzy completely, and he’s very tired of waiting. Can she and her friends find a way to save both Liddy and herself?


Pride, Prejudice & Penguins is a perfect introduction to the More in Heaven and Earth universe. Continuing readers will delight in visits from old friends, while new readers can easily enjoy the loads of quirky humor, romance, and suspense of this magical school story meets funny, updated regency romance.


On a Katherine Gilbert wackiness scale of 1-to-10 sarcastic talking cats*, this one is a 8.


*Warning: Not all stories contain talking cats. Wackiness may take other forms.





Join us on fantastical journeys of love and friendship in this multi-author boxed set!


Face your greatest nightmares and live your wildest dreams.


First loves and forbidden romances mean a path of trial and error for these creatures and those who love them.


Get ready to take to the air and ride along with this limited-edition collection of YA reads and unleash the power of the dragon within!


Authors Include:


Ashley Bríon, Cassie Greutman,  Clarissa Gosling, Diana Dawn,  Megan Grooms, Melinda R. Cordell, MK Mancos, September North, Skye Deva, Sofia Ann Hoffman & International Bestselling Author K.M. Jenkins.




It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a dragon.


Fitzwilliam Darcy of Pemberley has the good fortune to be in possession of the first English firedrake egg laid in  a century. Or, at least, he was until some miscreant stole it.


Mr. Darcy tracks the thief to Hertfordshire. Catching the thief, however, proves to be an entirely different kettle of brimstone, especially when he encounters fellow Dragon Keeper, Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourn.


Elizabeth Bennet’s deep connection to dragons and remarkable grasp of their lore make her the ideal companion for finding the egg. It’s too bad that from their introduction she finds Darcy arrogant, conceited, and selfishly disdainful of the feelings of others.


Time is running out for Darcy to win Elizabeth’s trust and recover the precious egg before it hatches, and the fragile peace between humans and dragons is lost forever.


Meryton meets Pern in a fantastical regency romp bound to delight readers of Jane Austen and Anne McCaffrey alike.


Book 1 in the Jane Austen’s Dragons series.


SOUNDS INTERESTING? Grab your copy today!


And that is that for this month. I hope you are going to enjoy these books.


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