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Writing Tip: How to Write a Great Query Letter: Insider Tips and Techniques for Success


One thing you need to be able to do as an author is how to write a query letter. This is one nightmare a lot of authors are experiencing. They are not easy to write, and it’s not easy to write a great one.


In Write a Great Query Letter Noah Lukeman, which is an agent of more than 13 years, share secrets with authors on how to nail these little suckers.


I had to admit, there are plenty of ways to write a query letter on the net, but the way he teaches you and gives you reasons why to write a query letter a certain way, makes a lot of sense.


This is a big one, it’s about +400 pages as he doesn’t just write about how to nail a great query letter, he also speaks about how to get an agent, and how to work with an agent. Not all agents and authors are going to mix well, and you need to know which one is the right one for you. This book will really get you on the right path if you want to walk the traditional publishing journey.


I’m reading more than just his book on how to write Great Query letters, but I really recommend this one. He is an agent and he does know what he is talking about. His query writing tips do differ from what online searches teach us, but he says, ‘The sweeter the query letter, the better.’ It also makes sense why he says it.


Nothing in this book is doing this. There is a reason behind everything when he does tell you to do it. I really needed those reasons and that is why it’s one of my favorite books to read when you want to learn how to nail querying.


Noah’s book is free at the moment. I don’t know if it’s a permanently free book or whether it will go up at some stage, but I really advise you to go and read this baby. You will get an entire new grasp of query letters.


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